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Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Also known as impotence, ED isn’t always total. Sometimes things just slow down – it takes you longer to get into action, or you can’t last as long. Either way, it’s frustrating, perhaps even stressful – for you and your partner – and could certainly knock a guy’s confidence.


NO pills. NO needles. NO surgery. NO anesthetic. NO pain. NO downtime.

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What causes men to experience

performance issues

ED has several causes. Some are behavioral. These might include high levels of stress, alcohol consumption, smoking, and nutrition. Some are psychological, for example, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, or indifference. Others are biological, such as chronic conditions (i.e., heart disease, high cholesterol, etc.),medications, and aging.
This is where Alma Duo can help. The body’s vascular structures – the vessels that carry blood through the body – deteriorate with age… it’s inevitable. It’s therefore no surprise that most cases of ED are vascular-related, caused by a lack of blood flow to the penis, or blood draining too quickly.

Do you really need this?
Before treatment begins, your physician will assess whether your ED
is caused by vascular function, and if so, how severe it is. Applying industry standards for assessing erectile function, they will conduct a brief, 15-question survey and evaluate the four main domains of sexual function in men: erectile function, orgasmic function, sexual desire and intercourse satisfaction.

The treatment includes a series of six 15-minute treatments, carried out by our physician, over the course of three weeks.

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