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The Clinic @ Kiwi Pharmacy

The Clinic @ Kiwi Pharmacy

The first of its kind in Kelowna, Kiwi Pharmacy & Wellness is proud to offer an integrated clinic combining pharmacist minor ailment care and selective access to physician treatment.

British Columbia recently passed legislation to expand the scope of pharmacist practice to allow for prescribing for minor ailments. The increased scope now allows pharmacists to write prescriptions if needed for up to 21 different minor ailments, including cold sores, bladder infections, acne, muscle pain, skin infections, and contraception.

Kiwi Pharmacy has a clinically focused pharmacist on duty at all times to help provide timely access to this care.

Additionally, Kiwi has physicians on staff that can see patients on a referral basis for more complicated issues that may fall outside the minor ailment scope.

One of the most utilized integrated services is onsite strep testing, which after a quick throat swab by a pharmacist, a positive streptococcal A infection can be diagnosed in as little as 5 minutes. A patient with a positive test can then either be seen by our on-site physicians, if available, to assess the need for a prescription, or we can work with your family doctor to expedite necessary medical treatment.

The pharmacist and physician on-site teams at Kiwi work to ensure prompt and optimized care across many aspects of healthcare and wellness including regular pharmacy prescription services and blister packing, hormone replacement therapy consultations, dermatology and lesion removal, sexual health/optimization for men and women, travel medicine, injectable aesthetics, and even on-site teeth whitening.

Kiwi Pharmacy & Wellness also provides specialty compounding in addition to our regular pharmacy services. The turnaround time for pharmacy compounds is usually 24 hours, which is industry leading from a customer service perspective.

The clinic @ Kiwi pharmacy can be accessed via appointment or on a walk-in basis. Call Kiwi to inquire or visit the brand new and relaxing space on Clement Avenue adjacent to downtown Kelowna in person.

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